hi…i’m married.

so this is my first official post as Mr. Teresa Korte. expect to see mrteresakorte.com soon. but until then i’ll keep posting here. so married life is weird. it feels a lot like playing house. i keep thinking one of our parents are going to come home and wonder what we were doing. but no, we’re allowed. it’s weird.

the thing that really blows my mind though, is that one of my fantasies has come true. the end of the show moral bed talk. you know, the end of the show, the two parents are in bed, reading or whatever, and they put their books down long enough to say to each other how proud of their kids they are or whatever. you know, the daily recap…the little reveal of the moral or whatever. Yeah, that’s great. few things are as beautiful as a little prayer before we go to sleep. that’s great.