hi there. my name is tony bullard. wanna be friends?

And after all that, I’m back. I’m sure assuming I was missed by a great deal of people is a delusion of grandeur, especially when this week has been my most blogiest in forever.

I spoke about why I took time off, but I never spoke about why I participate in these social networks in the first place. Social Networking as become so ingrained in our society at this point that most people don’t even feel they need to explain why someone else should be on Facebook. You just do it. Don’t listen to Christina Hendricks, just do it. Whatever reason other people do it, here are my reasons.

I enjoy my friends. It sounds pretty obvious, but this is my main motivator. One of the first things I had to overcome when I went on hiatus was the nearly involuntary clicking of the Facebook link in my toolbar. Even without that, typing in “fac” into Firefox’s Awesome Bar is a quick way to get there. This muscle memory action is directly tied to my mind (my heart? awwwww) when I think about my friends. Juan had mentioned in his post that we all crave attention, which is no doubt completely true about me, but I think I would still use Facebook even if I wasn’t able to share my thoughts with the world my friends through it. I read through my Facebook news feed not just to see what my friends are up to, but to do as much socializing as I can given the little free time I have. Even if I couldn’t respond with comments, or give ‘thumbs up’ or otherwise feedback to my friends, I’d still go just to be able to see what’s going on in their lives. These are people I care about, and seeing them grow and change is an important part of my life. (Sappy.) Seeing them doing things together, even if it doesn’t include me, is enjoyable, just cause, well, despite how cheesy it sounds, I just like my friends being happy. And even if I can’t be there as they do whatever it is that they’re doing, them being able to share that information with me is a way that we can have a shared experience despite my absence.

One thing I really didn’t like about the hiatus was not being able to share things with my friends. While sharing things on the internet isn’t a new thing, the proliferation of Facebook has made it incredibly easy to do, to a lot of people. Heck, the origins of blogs was the weblog, which was nothing but a link of the cool things you found on the internet. It was literally a log of what you found on the then wild west internet. Now-a-days most of the most popular sites on the net are just better, cleaner, more widespread versions of just that. So I’ve had my blog for almost 10 years (OhMyGoshThatIsRidculous), and had plenty of chances to share stuff with anyone who reads it, but not until Facebook came around did I really feel like linking something was really getting it out there. People use Facebook, which is why the notes on Facebook of this blog have (hopefully?) gotten more comments than the actual blog posts themselves. Bringing my links to Facebook is more likely to find viewers than expecting them to come to me. But I really do enjoy finding a good video, or a comic, or something else, and knowing that some of my friends will see it and enjoy it themselves.

I guess none of this is quite revolutionary. Perhaps this post was kind of a waste. Maybe I should talk less and go waste some time on Facebook.

See you at internet.