happy belated birthday!

Ok, so I’ve been dreading this post. I’ve put it off over and over again. While there’s not a horrific amount of photos to go through, I feel the need to have all the photos, and the most recent videos put all together in one post. And video editing is less than fun. Worst thing about it is it’s like credit card debt, the longer I put it off, the worse it gets. Noah just keeps doing more and more cute things that we just have to video. He’s such a jerk.

I think I’m just going to put off the video. I’ll just make the minimum payment and ignore the growing problem. Here’s hoping stops being adorable.

So, on to the birthday (I can hear Kathie saying, “Finally”. I hate her.) Noah’s birthday party went very well. I heard several people say it was a great party for a 2nd year birthday. Now, it may have been lip service, but it makes sense to me to just take kids to a park and feed them. The less activities I (read ‘Teresa’) have to plan and administer the better.

Not a whole lot of highlights to relay. Everyone had fun playing in the playground, which, again, was the plan. Comma. Sorry mom.

No, we did not use already-burnt candles, Noah just started blowing as soon as the lighter came out. What you see here is the first-lit candle already extinguished. Only one way to solve this issue, really.

As we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ (all rights reserved, copyright 1935, Summy-Birchard Music.) I literally had to deflect Noah’s constant attempts to blow out the candles. The song ended, my hand removed, Noah was free to blow out candles, but then had issues with the second one going out. Not a trick candle, I promise, he’s too young for that kind of evil. Not to say he won’t be old enough soon. But finally…

Awww…look at that smile. Crap. There’s gonna be so much video to edit before I finally get to it.

  • Teresa

    Thanks, Kathie for taking wonderful photos at the party so that we didn’t have to worry about that. She got some really good ones!

  • Big Sis

    You guys are SO welcome. And it WAS a great birthday party. Simple is always good, especially when dealing with 2-year-olds. Kudos to you! We love your boy and can’t wait for lazy Tony to come up with videos. Heh heh.