family day number 1

Here I am, scooping cat litter, thinking over the day. With the right mindset the cat litter can be a lot like one of those Zen Rock Gardens. Like I said…with the right mindset.

Anyway, today was the first official Bullard Family Day. We’ve finally gotten to where Teresa can alter her schedule, take a pay cut, and we can all have a day together. Up until now Teresa has worked every weekend but twice a year, leaving us on opposite schedules. It was kinda like being divorced, without all the spite and passive aggression. Well, no, that’s not right. There’s still plenty of passive aggression.

So needless to say we’ve been looking forward to this day for a while. But today was a little different than other special days where I’ve gotten off work early, or Teresa got canceled. It was different because it represented our new reality. If we were going to be doing this weekly now, we’ve got to figure out how to fit it into our budget.

I had Friday off, for the 4th of July, and we made the awesome decision to go to Stone Mountain. That was 50 bucks just for the afternoon. So not only could we not do THAT once a week, now our first official family day had to be especially cheap.

So now we’ve discovered that everything costs money. Especially including a toddler. On top of that it was raining all day, so the free parks all around us we’re kinda out of the question. So we bit the bullet and spent some money to go to the Bethesda Aquatic Center. I’ve realized that Gwinnett County seems to love aquatic centers, and apparently has a crap ton of extra cash for their parks department. Teresa says it’s cause they don’t pay into MARTA at all, which I think isn’t completely true.

Anyways, Gwinnett seems to have 4 or 5 of these places, a few of which are almost up to par with most kid’s water parks. 5 Bucks for each parent, Noah’s free. Not super cheap, but pretty good for what it is. Noah had just graduated his swimming class, so it was good to keep him practicing. Now if only he was tall enough to ride that slide…man he wanting in on that. (It was admittedly pretty awesome.)

Once home we had dinner and went out for a short bike ride.

So as I meditate on the day, doing my best to make perfect circles around balls of solidified cat urine, I think that’s a pretty good way to do a family day. I’m hoping for better weather and less expense next week, but we’ll see what happens.

  • Dad

    The thing to learn is that you don’t have to go someplace. Sometimes just sitting around home watching a movie or taking a walk around the block can be good too. We have fallen into the bad habit of thinking we have to do something every spare moment. Its those quiet time we can use to reflect, and have those very important impromptu talks with spouse and child.
    Back when nothing was allowed to be open on Sundays, sitting on the front porch with family was the only thing available. It was so, so important in developing relationships and behavior. We have lost something there.

    We are so happy ya’ll now have that day together. Prayer answered.



  • Mom

    And by the way, $5 per adult IS super cheap!

    Love you!


  • Big sister

    Yeah, I agree with Dad. As you get used to the new reality, reality will get very boring, which turns out to be cheap. Stay at home like the rest of us. =) Make muffins. Crafts. Do nothing. And I also agree with Mom, $5 is cheap.

  • tonybullard

    Do nothing? What do you think we do with Noah on the days we’re not all together? You try “just sitting and being together” with a 2 year old.

    Quiet time…HA!

  • Big Sis

    I didn’t say sitting. Yeah, there is never sitting.