expanding horizons

So a couple weekend ago, just before the wife popped, I participated in the 48 Hour Film Project. Something I have done a couple times before.

This time I volunteered to do music with my buddy Juan. This is the first time I think I’ve ever tried to score anything. I was quite excited. I’ve never tried to write music to instill a particular mood, I just write what comes to me. So this was an interesting challenge to test my abilities.

Or, well, it could have been. Instead we came up with the idea to do an infomercial for our sci-fi time traveling agency. So you know, there wasn’t much mood to be set. Either way, I’m quite proud of what we came up with.

The first thing that came to mind, as soon as we decided to do the infomercial was just some terrible, cheap, electronic, cheesy, over the top theme song. Juan hit record, and I just sang into the mic, and from there we orchestrated real instruments to make up the song. the final product was this:

The was portion of our movie that had a small educational video to instruct a person how to avoid hurting themselves by duct taping a pillow to their head. We didn’t have any immediate ideas, so we put it on the back burner for a little while. The next morning, as I was showering, the whole 1950’s “life in the future” commercial style came into my head. I recorded some quick, dirty guitar parts at home, and then brought them into the studio, where we once again fleshed things out with full instrumentation. This is the one I’m most proud of. I can personally listen to it about 20 times before I get remotely tired of it. It was also funny to hear people singing and whistling it as they shot the movie and moved around the studio.

Finally, in true Tony and Juan fashion, at the last minute we decided there needed to be a cheesy 80’s metal song at the end, for the credits. We figured, what better way to let the audience knwo the movie is over, than to let them now that they’ve just seens the best movie of their lives? With our buddy Adam on guitar, we very quickly put together this little anthem:

So there you have it. It’s fun to try and stretch your regular limits and make music unlike anything you’ve made before. You know, besides the last one. I’m hoping I get the opportunity again.

  • Mom and Dad

    We enjoyed your songs there, except for maybe the last one. Mom wants to know if your getting any money for this.

    Mom and Dad