delayed grounds

Welp, Juan got a serious sinus infection, and so our meeting was canceled. I’m glad to say everyone was bummed. I’m glad to say that because it means everyone was excited simply about having a meeting about making an album. If a band is excited to have a meeting about recording, then you know they’re into their music, and they’ll be willing to work hard on what they’ve got.


As I said last week, getting Noah to sleep has been a task. We spent three nights standing outside his door, putting him back in his bed each time he’d get up. Then we had two good nights where he was sufficiently pooped and just conked out. Unfortunately tonight he’s back to his old games. He finally quieted down for a few minutes, so I sat down here to write, and within a couple seconds I heard his door open, and before I could get out of my chair I heard the pitter patter of his feet across the floor, and found him streaking across the hall towards our bedroom, screaming “Mommy! Mommy!” Again, he prefers whichever parent isn’t currently putting him to bed, and his ultimate goal is always to be on the floor in our room. Always.

Before it was lights out, he was trying to convince Teresa the best bed for him is me, laying on his floor. He demonstrated this, and truth be told, it didn’t seem so crazy when coming from the mouth of an adorable little boy. Then again my judgment is always swayed by a cuddling toddler.

Teresa just leaned into my door to let me know it’s going to be another marathon night. Maybe that’s my cue that it’s time to switch shifts.

  • Big Sis

    Keep it up! I know its hard when they say the cutest things, and your kid is super-cute. I’d let him strangle me if he asked, because he’s THAT cute. But you’ve GOT to be consistent for it to work! Sam is doing this right now, too. Can’t keep him in bed for anything. And I can’t lock his door now because he’s potty trained!