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  • Big Sis

    I hated the fans. Oh, I hated the fans. We also had tarps blocking off entire walkways, floor to sealing and secured with tape. And then there was the exposed linoleum glue in the kitchen that stuck to everything so you couldn’t walk or cook or anything. What is it with us both flooding our houses almost within a year of each other? This MUST be more common than we thought. =)

  • Teresa

    Yeah, the guy that was out yesterday said that they get calls all of the time from refrigerator leaks that are all b/c of the stupid cheap tubing. This is that last time Tony says he will listen to someone from Home Depot.

  • Page

    I hope I don’t get the curse!!!!

  • Mom

    I was going to ask you to move poor Toby’s food out of the kitchen, but apparently those things don’t bother him!

    Best of luck–we’re praying for ya!