gaming with game designers

Tonight I went to a GGDA meting. That’s Georgia Game Developer’s Association. Juan and I have been working now for a while (really Juan has been working on it, I just jumped in a week or two ago) and this is was a step to get to know the local game developers community better.

I’ve been playing with the idea of Game Audio for a while now. It’s certainly another facet of Sound Design, and heck, I love video games, so it only makes sense to at least pursue the idea some. is basically an association of Game Audio developers in Georgia. We’re trying to stir up the game dev business in Georgia so maybe some of the abundance of audio guys in Georgia can start working on games.

It’s really interesting to work on a blog with other people. Here I just talk about whatever, rarely with any sort of focus or goal. But it’s interesting to search out particular info and present it to a group of people that are essentially on the same page as you. For instance, I know that most of what I’ve said above probably won’t interest most of the people who read this blog with any sort of regularity, but that’s OK. Also working alongside other people makes it feel very team-like, and while I’ve never liked sports much, working on a team has always pleased me.

So yeah, not much to say really. Met some new folks. A nice guy named Tom Grant that does character animation.Got my ass kicked in Call of Duty 4 4 by the guy who ran the gaming facility (doesn’t seem very fair does it?) Overall, had a nice time, and who knows where it’ll lead!

a there was much fun to be had

It’s finally happened. The greatest woman alive has become perfect. She already had intelligence. She’s already had personality. We all know she already had the looks. Now, why wonderful wife, has rounded out all these traits with the final piece of the puzzle. Now she plays video games.

I’ll start from the beginning.

Last week Valve Software announced that they would be selling “The Orange Box.” It’s a combination of three upcoming games from Valve. Half-Life 2 Episode 2, Team Fortress 2, and Portal. It also includes the previous two games from The Half-Life Series. With this pre-order, game “Peggle Extreme,” a fanciful game with unicorns and fireworks, mixed in with familiar characters from the Half-Life Series. It was an odd, awesome mix. Made me think of Burger King and Skittles commercials.

So I played through this limited version of thew game, and found myself agreeing whole-heartedly with the reviews that stated it was “one of the most addictive games ever made.” It wasn’t long until I noticed the “duel” portion of the game. I called Teresa into my room and had her sit down and play a little. At first there was the expected “this is silly” kind of comments. At the end of each level it gives you the option to play another level. I clicked it the first three times, but after the fourth game, I sat there, and waited to see what she would do. There was a second or two or silence, and then she grabbed the mouse and it “play random level.” My heart leapt.

We played for a good 45 minutes. We finally stopped and Teresa brushed it off like a one time occurrence. Then we played for another 45 minutes the next night. It quickly bought Peggle Deluxe, the full, unlimited version of the game. 10 bucks for finally being able to play video games with my wife isn’t too bad at all. We now play it nearly every night. We’ll play to whoever can get to 1 million points first. She beat me last night, I beat her tonight. The war wages on.

My only complaint about the game is that Duel Mode only lets you play levels randomly. Considering we have started to play it regularly, it would be much nicer for us to play it through the levels in order, progressing past what I’ve unlocked with single player. Other than that, it’s a solid game with plenty of replayability for only 10 bucks.