just checking in…

So let’s see what’s happening on the Noah progress meter:

He’s started training to roll over. There’s no better word for it than training. He’s not playing around, and it’s not by accident. You lay him on his rain forest play mat, and he gets this determined look on his face, shifts his weight to his left and then rolls hard to his right, getting all the way up onto his side. Then he rolls back onto his back, and does it again. He will conquer this challenge. You can see it in his eyes.

Or maybe he already has. Teresa tells me on Tuesday morning he did just that. Now, I’m of the “if it’s not on film, it didn’t happen” school, so we’ll see.

He’s begun to play with toys. We have this ring/rattle thing that he use to just hold onto, but now he will actually bring it up to his face and look at it. He stills refuses to chew on anything but his fist. Here’s hoping he doesn’t end up with lobster hands or something.

So today is the first day of our second weekend on our own together. With Teresa back at work, he’s all mine from 6:30am ’til 8pm. All I can say is, thank God we switched back to Netflix, with it’s streaming online movies. Last weekend I watched three movies a day. Thus far today we have one down. Once he feeds again I’ll throw him in the car to run some errands, and then we’ll go to the park. I’m trying to not just sit on the futon all day watching movies. But it’s tough to do much of anything with a 15 pound needy man beckoning you every few minutes. I’m very much looking forward to the days when we can actually go out and do something more than me sitting him in the stroller and imagining he’s enjoying himself.

Which reminds me of the lesson I learned: while the park that’s fifteen minutes away is super awesome, the kid sleeping in the stroller doesn’t care, and so it’s probably better to just go to the one that’s 2 minutes away.