family day number 1

Here I am, scooping cat litter, thinking over the day. With the right mindset the cat litter can be a lot like one of those Zen Rock Gardens. Like I said…with the right mindset.

Anyway, today was the first official Bullard Family Day. We’ve finally gotten to where Teresa can alter her schedule, take a pay cut, and we can all have a day together. Up until now Teresa has worked every weekend but twice a year, leaving us on opposite schedules. It was kinda like being divorced, without all the spite and passive aggression. Well, no, that’s not right. There’s still plenty of passive aggression.

So needless to say we’ve been looking forward to this day for a while. But today was a little different than other special days where I’ve gotten off work early, or Teresa got canceled. It was different because it represented our new reality. If we were going to be doing this weekly now, we’ve got to figure out how to fit it into our budget.

I had Friday off, for the 4th of July, and we made the awesome decision to go to Stone Mountain. That was 50 bucks just for the afternoon. So not only could we not do THAT once a week, now our first official family day had to be especially cheap.

So now we’ve discovered that everything costs money. Especially including a toddler. On top of that it was raining all day, so the free parks all around us we’re kinda out of the question. So we bit the bullet and spent some money to go to the Bethesda Aquatic Center. I’ve realized that Gwinnett County seems to love aquatic centers, and apparently has a crap ton of extra cash for their parks department. Teresa says it’s cause they don’t pay into MARTA at all, which I think isn’t completely true.

Anyways, Gwinnett seems to have 4 or 5 of these places, a few of which are almost up to par with most kid’s water parks. 5 Bucks for each parent, Noah’s free. Not super cheap, but pretty good for what it is. Noah had just graduated his swimming class, so it was good to keep him practicing. Now if only he was tall enough to ride that slide…man he wanting in on that. (It was admittedly pretty awesome.)

Once home we had dinner and went out for a short bike ride.

So as I meditate on the day, doing my best to make perfect circles around balls of solidified cat urine, I think that’s a pretty good way to do a family day. I’m hoping for better weather and less expense next week, but we’ll see what happens.

i just need to point this out

Squeaky, jumpy bi-folding pantry door.
“Maybe I should wax it. Do we have any old candles?”
“What? No, why don’t you use grease?”
“cause grease is messy.”
“Who uses wax?”
“Skateboarders…it’s perfect for this.”
“Why don’t you do these dishes instead?”
“cause I want to fix our house.”
“Do the dishes.”
“Fine, I’ll do the dishes, you go out in the garage and look on the shelf for candles.”
“What?! We do not have candles in the garage!”
“You memorized and cataloged the contents of the shelves in the garage?”
“No, but I have never bought candles, and I wouldn’t store them in the garage.”
“You’re the only person that lives in this house?”
“You have never bought candles.”
“This house was completely empty when we bought it?”
“Do the dishes.”
“Look for the candles.”
“Then You do the dishes, I’m looking for candles.”
Return from garage 20 seconds later with huge candle, one of six, left by previous owner.
“Kiss my feet.”
Wax squeaky, jumpy bi-folding pantry door. Works like a charm. Door slides smooth and is no longer squeaky.
“Kiss my feet!”
“I’m going to post about this!”

seriously…we’re all gonna die

tonight i watched “super size me.” you may have heard of this movie/documentary a few months ago when it first came out in theatres. soon after followed the onslaught of “we’re gonna get you healthy” advertising from mcdonalds. well, i must say that you should give it a gander. while i know better than to take it all as truth, cause as we’ve seen lately, documentaries can be a whole bunch of poo, and even when it is all real, compacting it all in an hour and half creates the idea that it’s a bigger part of life than it really is. and while i don’t want to say that i’m a changed man, cause i’m kinda the king of broken resolutions, it’s certianly changed the way i think about eating. i think my biggest problem is i really like what i call “hearty” meals. things that you can take big bites out of, and have to chew, and you can feel it hit your stomach. things that when you’re done, you know you’ve eaten. the problem comes with the fact that when i visualize these foods, it’s all burgers, or hot dogs, or breakfast skillets made of nothing but onions, hashbrowns, and three kinds of dead pig. that’s right…three. cause two kinds of dead pig is for pansies.

my month on the blockbuster “we can beat netflix” deal is over, and yeah, we’re quiting, and signing up for netflix. plain and simple, one month, and we’ve watched most of the movies we want to see, and havn’t gotten to rent many that we wanted to see. (so to you, the guy who’s had “day of the dead” for a month…you suck) and here you see one of the things that comes with being married. i now sound all pretentious, like i’m refering to myself in the third person when i say “we.” but no, i am referring to the entity that is “the bullards.” so don’t think that this website has gone to my head, cause i gaurentee you, one glance at the stats, and my self-worth takes a nice dive. something that only a sweet kiss some my sexy co-host can cure. so anyways, you should all rent this movie, and watch the extras, simply to know that after we all die from all the nuclear bombs the 80’s action movies told us about, the only things to survive will be cockroachs. and they will feed entirely on mcdonalds french fires.