Using Tasker to create reminder notifications for Android

If you’re an Android user, I highly recommend you check out Tasker. Tasker is an automation app that can control just about anything in your phone. You can do things as simple as telling your phone when you want it to go to silent, loud, vibrate, etc, to more complicated tasks, like notifying your wife via SMS when you’re five minutes from home. It’s a little pricey ($6.50) but it’s an incredibly powerful app, and I think it’s well worth it. It’s the first app I suggest to new Android users.

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I normally don’t blog about stuff I find on the internet, because I feel like it’s probably been blogged by a million people already, and no one comes to my site for news or anything, but sometimes I just have to mention some things.

Above is a picture of a Pocket Mod. It’s one piece of A4 paper, folded into a wallet sized 8 page booklet. The website has a widget so that you can put together your own, customizing each page as you wish. There’s also a little program that you can download to turn any 8 paged pdf into a Pocket Mod, so you can make a little booklet for just about anything you want. Fitness logs, contacts, whatever.

I was instantly struck at how perfect this would be for any sort of camp or retreat setting. You could have the weekend schedule printed out, a menu for the cafeteria, list out the rules, maybe even info on who’s in charge and whatnot. It would be a really easy way to keep everybody on task and informed.

The thing I like the most about it is that being only one sheet of paper, it’s easily replaceable if lost or gets worn out, and doesn’t cost a fortune to make a bunch of them.

Anyways, this is the end of me being overly excited about a folded piece of paper.