you know, whatever

I can always tell when Teresa has family or friends in town. My phone sits silently in my pocket, not getting the regular 5 calls a day. When she does call, it’s always for a very specific question, with little to no small talk bookending it.

I don’t have anything to say, but I feel like writing. That doesn’t happen often, so this will probably just get posted,and then regretted and I’ll try and wipe it off the front page with multiple posts about babies and cats.

I started to write about Christmas and my frustrations with it, but I got bored with myself and deleted it. It annoys me that gift giving is more of a frustration than a joy. But that’s more my fault than anyone else’s. Or maybe it’s just cause the only free, indoor playground is in the mall, and this time of year, when it’s so cold, is the best time to use it, but it’s now inundated with Christmas shoppers. Or maybe it’s cause my mom will hate that horrid structure of that last sentence.

The cat (Tobias) narrowly escaped banishment from our house. Both Teresa and I realized we bit off more than we could chew. We weighed the ups and downs of pet ownership using memories of an 18 year old cat that we loved, minus health issues due to age. We forgot to weigh the fact that young cats are very similar to babies in many ways. Important ways like not getting sleep due to crying. But it wasn’t just that. It was also wondering if we were making Noah into a sociopath. he seems to enjoy beating Tobias with cat toys. You can’t blame Noah fully, since Tobias continues to play with the stick Noah is hitting him with. Having to keep the two of them from killing each other is a surprise we weren’t expecting.

But lucky for him, much like Noah, he saved himself by being cute. He’s grown on us.

So that’s our cat. And with that, I’ve worn out my desire to write. So there you go. Have a nice night.

meet tobias

We got a cat. He’s three months old. He’s playful, but very cuddly too. We haven’t figured out a name yet. I like “Steve” but Teresa says that’s weird since she has an uncle named Steve. I suggested Leroy, and we both like it, but not sure about it. I kinda like using people names for pets, just cause.

Any ideas?

His name is Tobias. Tobias Shu-Shu Bullard. Shu-shu was the name the Humane Society gave him, and Noah can say it, so there you go. I should mention, he’s super patient with Noah. Noah has managed to be pretty gentle for the most part, and even when he’s not Tobias still hangs around so Noah can pet him.

meow says the kitty

just to show that i’m not completely self absorbed, a post about my roommate, Juan:

I’ve been living with Juan for nearly 5 months now, after having met him at fullsail. when we first started our little adventure, he said to me, “i’ll like…pet your cats occasionally and stuff…but, like…i’m not gonna pay for cat food or anything.” what he was trying to say is that, just because the cats are in his apartment, he doesn’t want me to assume he has to do anything about them. this is all well and good, it’s not like i’d expect my roommate to pay me some sort of cat rent, like i’m some sort of cat pimp and they are my little petting prostitutes. but it’s funny to watch him now, lovin’ on my cats. he tends to feed them more than i do, because he gets up earlier than i do, and taylor is pretty much un- ignorable in the mornings.

but i must say that this humourous evolution came to it’s peak when juan and i were watching “the shield” (best show ever) and in the end (*spoiler alert*) the character “Dutch” strangles a cat (don’t ask why, you’d have to watch the show). The funny thing was, as the charcater approached the cat, juan made a little joke about snapping the cats neck…(once again, makes sense if you saw the show), but when the character picked up the cat and actually strangled it, juan paused and stated “that’s messed up.” it’s always fun to watch a tough guy get soft.