family 2.0

Yesterday it was made official. Every branch of the Anthony Ambrose Bullard Sr family tree has a blog.

I’ve had for a long time, since it was given to me for free when I bought a domain for my old death metal band, Soul of the Savior.

My parents have had for a while now, in order to keep the extended family on top of their goings on as they travel the world via floating Chinese junker.

My oldest sister started to blog in late April, reasoning that she’s a journalist, and every other journalist seems to have one, so at the very least she’d get practice writing. She picked the title “Household 6″ which I never understood until I ran into another reference to it online. You can find out about it’s origins here.

Finally, giving in to peer pressure, my second oldest sister, Page, started her own blog, Brain Blur which I think sums up parenting fairly well, and really does give a good imagery as to how I would assume her mind works. Or how it manages to work I should say.

So now I guess I can say that my family is “with it.” Maybe we should all join a social network and share links and stuff. Oh wait, I’ve already friended my siblings on Facebook. If nothing else, maybe this post will educate my family on the ever-so-cool art of linking.

things may get a little crazy around here.

it’s 11:08pm. I should be in bed. But I’m going to try and upgrade my blog to the newest software. Things may look weird for a bit. Or, worse case scenario, you can’t read this at all. We’ll see.

see you on the other side.

So everything is upgraded. You may not notice much of a difference except for the menus over there on the right—>
They look a little different, especially the meta section and the status RSS feed. I may try and hack away at those some more to get them a little cleaner looking, but for now, I’m just ahppy everythign works. Yay!