babies are jerks

I think they get away with too much. Think about it: If you were typing at your computer, and someone walked up and started smashing his hand on your keyboard, how would you react? You’d be all, “What the heck?!” But for some reason babies get this free pass to do whatever they want. That doesn’t seem right to me.

And then, after that jerk messes up what you’re typing, he craps his pants, and screams at you until you clean him up.

And he won’t stop hitting your keyboard (the musical kind) with a drumstick. He’s going to break it. And when he does, will this deadbeat live-in who doesn’t pay rent get a job to pay to fix it? No. See? Jerks.

  • Mom

    This is payback, Son. Welcome to parenthood. And he’ll get his when HE has a son!! Mom

  • tonybullard

    I was an angel!

    An angel with 52 stitches.