and sometimes you have to wonder

I think Noah is smart. But I think Noah is smart the same way every parent thinks their kid is smart.

“My son looks at me when I call his name. He’s a genius.”
“He’s seven.”

But Noah does do some awesome stuff. Maybe it’s more cute than intelligent, but now, when you put pants on him, he’ll hold up his foot to help you get it in the pant leg. This goes for socks and shoes too. Not only adorable, but highly convenient. Which is nice, cause convenient actions and kids are a rare combination. Very rare.

But then, yesterday, he did something that struck me as a little less intelligent. As I was leaving for work, and Noah followed me out into the garage, he noticed the box for his drum set. He bangs away on his drum set all the time (seen climbing it in this video), so I was surprised to see him that excited about the box for it. Then he found a drumstick…

and proceeds to beat on it, like it’s the real thing.

So this means one of three things in my mind.
1) Noah thinks he now has two drum sets, and this one just sounds “boxier”.
2) Noah has little-to-no depth perception
3) Noah is actually intelligent and was doing a “Hey, heh, look! Heh, heh. I’m playing the drums!” joke.

Here’s hoping it’s the third one.

Note: Please forgive the quality of the cell phone picture.

  • Big sister

    WTH is he wearing? Is he being drafted? I wouldn’t let my kid wear that and his Daddy’s in the Army.
    Nice to see a new post. =)

  • tonybullard

    They’re pajamas. We’re not too picky about what he wears to sleep in.

  • Teresa

    Gosh, I hope my mom isn’t offended when she reads these comments since she bought him those PJs. FWIW, I think Noah is super cute in his turtle camo pajamas. Thanks Mimi!

  • Big sister

    LOL. You’re right, pajamas aren’t so important. I salute you, Noah!

  • joe

    Haha! Doesnt get much better than this, just reading comments amongst the family blogs/webpages keep me entertained :)

  • Grams

    I think he looks cute in the camo pj’s! And I also think he’s doing the jokey thing on the box–he is your son, remember, Tony!

    Love you! Mom

  • Mom

    Do you remember when we brought Sam to see you when Noah was still really small? You picked Sam up (he was 1 1/2), he sat on your arm and wrapped his legs around your waist and held onto your neck, and you said, “I want one of these!” Now you have one. Emjoy. Love you lots! Mom/Grams

  • tonybullard

    True. He still not quite as clingy as Sam was though. Clingy in a good way.