an oldie…but a goody?

Wrote this song back in 2005, around the time Tree and I had just gotten married. Not that that has anything to do with the song, but if you’re not used to pointless rambling at this point, well then you must be a new reader. WELCOME!


Wrote it back in 2005. Not sure why i never posted it, but a few months ago I accidentally deleted the only finished version I had. So I dug up the old Pro Tools session and gave it a little refresh mix and decided I might as well share it with the world.

I’m particularly fond of the lyrics. I’m happiest with my writing when it’s at it’s most sarcastic.

So less talk, more rock. Here’s “Mindless.”

I’m mindless, I’m moldable
I’m watching MTV, so I can pick my clothes
So won’t you tell me how to live?

I cannot think for myself
I cannot think of anything else
I cannot think of what my life could be

I’d give anything to be your friend
I just want to be Paris Hilton
I’d give anything to be her friend

I cannot think for myself
I cannot think of anything else
I cannot. Please, oh wont you tell me what to believe?

I guess the downside of not releasing a song for 5 years is that the pop culture references might come off a little dated.

Like what you hear? Check out the song tag for more free music! Or don’t. Whatever.

  • Nathan

    YAY! I loved this song way back when you posted it on Godcore, still love it now.

  • Grandpa

    I liked “Gotta go pee” better.

  • tonybullard

    To each his own.