all is well that ends well

That is, if it actually ends well.

A couple days ago I spelled out my devotion to the metal band Living Sacrifice and lamented over my inability to go see them play on their reunion tour. Alas, things have worked out. It turns out I was initially using bad info, thinking the show started a lot earlier than it actually does. With the new found knowledge of the actual start time, it’s fairly feasible that I’ll be able to hit the wedding on Saturday evening, and then take off for the hour and a half drive and still get there in time to see Oh, Sleeper (!!!) and Living Sacrifice. But to top it all off, Rob, my bestest friend forever is going to be able to come with me! So this went from depressing tragedy to awesome opportunity. Even better is the 3 hours we’ll spend in the car together giving us plenty of time to catch up on all the catching up we need to catch up on. I suddenly wanna eat a hotdog. Weird.

  • Beth

    Yippee! I am glad it is going to work out for you! Teresa was telling me how much she wanted you to be able to go!

  • Big sister

    Praise the Lord! You deserve it.