addiciton subdued…for now

I’ve mentioned a few times by outright lust for Guitar Hero. Well, it was only made worse when my buddy Juan got GH2 for the Xbox 360. We’ve since spent at least 8 hours together making our way through the songs, getting perfects in every song on medium difficulty. By the way, Hard, is hard.

But then I come home, lay in bed awake, in a cold sweat. My fingers itch, my right hand twitches back a forth in a strumming motion. When I do finally fall asleep, I dream of buttons coming at me steadily like an army of musical bliss.

But then, from out of the darkness comes hope. An answer to those of us without expensive consoles and disposable income. Enter, Frets On Fire.

Frets On Fire

Frets on Fire is an open source Guitar Hero, well, clone really. You play it by holding your keyboard like a guitar. You use F1 through F5 as the fret buttons, and you tap the Enter key to strum. The graphics are much more basic, and the song selection is limited to what the community provides (which is actually quite a lot) but as far as relieving the jonesing…yeah, it works.

You can find Frets on Fire here. It’s only 30Megs, and comes with three songs so you can see what it’s like before having to search out more song material. It’s awesome for a completely free game.

Now I just have to figure out haw to get a strap on my keyboard.