tonybullard.com has been in and out of existence since 1998. I got it originally for free when I bought the domain for my then band, Soul of the Savior. It sat unused for a good while, until I decided to make it into a little self-depricating webpage that consisted mostly of daily useless facts java scripts.

The site has since been a sort of testing ground for my coding abilities. It has never been anything to be gawked at, but it has consistently showed my improvement in web design, and for the first time ever, it’s actually standards compliant. This means nothing to most of you.

While always hosting my opinions on movies and music and other random things, I didn’t consider my site a ‘blog’ for a long time. When it first started no one knew what a blog was, and all sites were ugly and had nothing but movie reviews on them. I like to pretend I was ‘blogging’ before blogging was cool. Then I realize that blogging is not now, nor every will be cool. So there you go.

The site itself is in four sections:
The Blog: General musings from my head, as every blog is. Mine tend to lean to (and by ‘tend to’ I mean ‘always are’) about my son, and the frustrations joys of fatherhood.

Photos: Pictures. Go figure. I used to have four galleries of photos I was really proud of, but after years of not adding anything to them, I’ve changed it to simply aggregate all the photos I post on here. As of this posting they’re mostly slightly humorless observations through a cell phone camera. Yay technology.

Music: This is simple an overly long summation of my musical history, and a player of songs that I’ve made. They vary wildly in genre, and by wildly, I mean three different kinds.

Last is the Metal Vocal Tutorial. This is a beast of it’s own, and it’s responsible for two-thirds of my daily traffic, so I gave it it’s own giant link up top.

So now that I have given you a good idea at how long winded and boring this site is/will be, you can tell all your friends to never come here.

  • Aaron

    Dude, might have been a few years ago but your growl… is awesome lol! And I think you might talk to my bro inlaw on godcore or something

  • Deckerd

    stumbled over your page, while listening to your (awesome) metal vocal guide. Took a look into your photo section and was pretty amazed. Keep it on.
    Greetings from Germany

  • tiago

    Man, ur tutorial rocks! brief yet concise… i just listened to it, and am excited to share it with my fellow vocalist… just wonderin if u stil do vocals with a band or sumthin, cos im pretty curious as to how u sound like with music backing u up.

  • Joseph Logsdon

    hey tony this robs friend joe!

    i was listening to your metal vocals mp3 that you made, and when i attempted to try out the vocal part, my dog that was laying on my bed got scared and pissed all over my sheets. hopefully it did not seep through to the mattress.

  • Daniel

    just another death metal fan thanking you for your vocal guide.
    i have weak lungs and have had various problems with them (collapses, chest infections, asthma) and though i wouldn’t be able to growl, but then i found your mp3 and within minutes of listening to it i’m growling properly.
    i was obviously just growling wrong lol.
    thanks, Dan.

  • Mike

    Hey tony,
    My name’s Mike. After listening to your mp3 i’ve learned to growl better.

  • paul wahl


    hey. great tutorial. taught me the basics of what i need to know to start getting better.

    appreciate it.

    paul wahl

  • Draith

    So my friend and I were recently talking about SouloftheSavior, the screen name from long ago… And a certain web-posted conversation about a bunch of hyenas led by one El Gwapo.

    Is this the same Tony Bullard? If so, thanks for the laughs long ago in ugly-blogland, man. They are still being enjoyed.

    (If this isn’t the same person, my apologies for sounding cracked.)

    Also, congrats on being standards compliant! I know what this means!

  • Draith

    Hey Tony, not sure if you’re still around here, but I had to come and leave you this.

    5 years ago, I contacted you to see if you were the Tony of ElGwapo fame (strange, small, internet fame though it is)… and just today, a friend from college with whom I only have limited contact just messaged me asking if I remembered playing her a song (likely 11 years ago, itself) that talked about being “perched on wooden pegs”, and who sang it, because she couldn’t find it by Google.

    So here we are, 2017, and I’m still getting to come back here and share the cool (and silly) stuff you’ve made over the years. Thanks, man!

  • http://tonybullard.com/ Tony Bullard

    Yep, still here!

    I can’t for the life of me remember what song you’re referencing. “Perched on wooden pegs?”

  • Draith

    The song was, “The Concept of My Pants.” It’s still a favorite for silly music for me!

  • http://tonybullard.com/ Tony Bullard

    Duh! I should have known!

    Heh, I can see why Google wasn’t able to help her find that song :) She’s maybe one of fifteen people that has ever listened to it :)